Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 7: Favorite Word

Favorite word? That's something easy to draw! I love lettering! But what is my favorite word? I use rude a lot, but that's not a very good word to choose as my favorite. I say nice a lot, too, but really? A four-letter word? No. Hmm. L words are always good since they start with my first initial. Let's think of some: Laughter, love, lacey, lukewarm, luminescent, lilac, loquacious. . . So many choices! I think if anybody knows me, though, they know that the word I chose was
This is my favorite so far! For the actual drawing part of the challenge, I'm actually on Day 15, and this is still my favorite. I draw doodles similar to this all the time, and the practice certainly paid off! This was also the first drawing I did with any ink; it's all ink actually. I'm not really sure why lovely is a word I love so much. I don't use it incredibly often, and usually it's not in a positive way when I do use it. Who knows? It's a lovely word and I'm glad I chose it. Harsher words would not have been suitable to my flowing swirls and breezy cursive :]
I don't have anything else to say on this. I think I'm just saving my longer spiels for days like Day 12; can't wait for that one! Anyway. . . I hope your Tuesday was lovely and that you had a spooky Halloween yesterday! I have a test tomorrow, and had a big ASL project due today, so homecoming pictures are still on the back burner, but they are coming! Stay tuned!
Enjoy your Wednesday! Leave your favorite word in the comments! :]

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