Sunday, November 20, 2011

Something Crafty!

I am making an earwarmer! I haven't ever done any sort of complicated knitting before with increases/decreases, ribbing, or anything other than a straight knit stitch, but I really wanted to make my own head warming device :] I have a red one and a black one that I bought last year at TigerLily, so I bought myself two skeins of gray yarn and got to work!
I bought the pattern from Etsy. The directions are pretty simple and easy to follow, and in just a few days I'm already halfway through the decrease portion! Not to mention the pattern is just $5! How can you beat that? I will wear this probably every day of the winter and it will surely pay for itself in usage.

Also crafty, I started sewing a simple skirt from MADE over the summer. . . I picked this cute vintage-y fabric and some lace for the edge of the shorter tier, and bought a little extra fabric. I never actually remembered to cut the width shorter (that extra fabric :/) and completed the skirt, except hemming, before realizing what I'd done and how bulky it was. Not cute. I bought that fabric and started that skirt in June. I just today got out my seam ripper and began the process of fixing my mistake. Small steps, people. I love rabbits, but I know the tortoise wins because he's slow and steady and, people always seem to forget, humble, which the hare obviously was not.

So those are two projects to be completed shortly which I am excited to show you!
What have you been working on?

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