Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 15: A Family Portrait

I didn't realize until now that this could have been any family portrait, not just my own. But I'm glad that I did my family. I, of course, did not draw them as people. I can't imagine trying to give the same features to them as drawings that they have in real life; I'd never get it just right. I really like doing lettering though, so this worked out. As you'll find out in a couple days, I also really like monograms, so this is a good combination of the two :]

You've got my dad at the top, mom on the right, then my oldest sister, Nicole, on the left, middle sister, Raychel, on the right, and me at the bottom left. I picked the icon things behind each person more based on what I can draw than what might actually have to do with them. Raychel is pretty girly, so a flower did work, but a cloud and a lightning bolt for Nicole and my dad? Not so much of a correlation.

Anyway, that's my family. I kind of wish that the presentation day for this one wasn't a Friday when David is here, or else I might talk a little more about my family. I'm sure there's plenty of time to go into that at a later date. 

Do you take family portraits every year, for Christmas or otherwise? Do you usually like traditional family pictures-blue jeans and white shirts, anyone?- or more candid shots? What about the holiday matching pajama shot? That's a good one for Awkward Family Photos!

Enjoy some time with your family this weekend!

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