Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 9: Favorite TV Show

I have to admit, it took me longer than I expected to decide that this really is my favorite TV show. Pretty much everyone who knows me would automatically think of it as my favorite-I guess I just didn't want to settle, in case it really isn't as awesome as I think it is. I do have plenty of people to back me up though, that Gilmore Girls is the best show!

 "You Jump I Jump Jack," and "Like Mother Like Daughter"

Not only is Rory really smart, street and book smart, but she manages to find her way into two secret societies at school. The Puffs and The Life and Death Brigade allowing Rory to take part in their events shows that she can also be a socialite and really does belong in the high society life her mother left behind. The witty remarks Lorelai and Rory toss around and the funny allusions to other shows and books makes for great entertainment-it's very exciting when you know what they're talking about! Apart from the dialogue, the plot of the show keeps you coming back for more. Will Lorelai and Luke ever get married? What will happen after Rory drops out of school? "Oh my gosh! What did she just do?!" is a reaction I had many a-time while watching the series for the first time, usually, surprisingly, in response to something Rory did. I love the premise of the show, and the quirky relationship mother and daughter have, not to mention the strained relationships between other mother and daughter pairs (Emily and Lorelai, Lorelai Sr. and Emily, Lane and Mrs. Kim, to name a few). Lots of quick comedy in a nice package of 40-45 minute episodes :]

This was the picture I used to try and mimic the font. I think I did okay. When I started drawing the second 'gi' was the first time I ever realized that that one part of the 'g' forms the dot for the 'i.' that certainly made me feel like I never pay attention to details.

I scanned this image so much before getting what I wanted. The first couple times I kept getting the drawing for tomorrow showing through the paper, so I had to fold a sheet of computer paper in between. Finally I got something good enough, though! I wanted to color it purple, and the color looked purple at first, but it seems pink to me now. That's okay, though! Who knew I could not only play with lettering myself, but also somewhat closely copy real typeface? That's pretty cool!

I've got a long sleeve t-shirt on and my vaporizer running, so hopefully I'll stay warm through the 27° low tonight! I can't believe it's already Thursday. And already November. Where is time going?!

Here's hoping the end of fall doesn't become summer again, or winter too early,

PS- Because I love that their names are the same as the Gilmore grandparents on the show, support Richard and Emily in their hopes to adopt a child! They have taken the news of infertility so gracefully and have made adoption into a great opportunity! Thanks to the Red Kitchen for sharing their story in the first place :]

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