Sunday, November 13, 2011


So, I kind of missed the deadline for it being Sunday to get a post up every day of the month. That's okay. I didn't have anything important to write about anyway.
I had a great lazy Sunday with yummy food and a handsome man :] Now I'm writing this and going to bed because I have a quiz at 8am tomorrow! It's over homonyms, which I think I'm pretty good at already, so the only bad part is that it's so early in the morning.
If you go to OSU, remember that there will be a big sale in the student store in the Union tomorrow since we beat Texas Tech by so much on Saturday! 66-6 with our 10-0 team! :]

Happy Monday tomorrow (today?)!
P.S.-It's Initiation Week for Phi Lambs at Okstate! Wish the new girls many happy times with their sisters in the future!

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