Saturday, November 5, 2011

No Refashion :[

While looking at Pinterest a few days ago I found this pin. And really wanted to make one. I planned on making a capelet last fall a la Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
I wasn't sure if I'd do a deep red or stick with a neutral black or charcoal. Plus Stillwater, USA doesn't exactly have good options in the way of fabric stores, so it never happened. Now I found Pinterest and all its glory, so I have an even better idea of how to make a capelet. So I tried to make a dress I have into a capelet. That was a fail, so no pictures. If you follow the link for that pin though, you'll get taken to a great blog with instructions for making a good one. If you're making it for an adult, like I would be, add just a few inches to the length given and it should be a good size.
I saved all the pieces of that dress I tried to use, so hopefully I can show you a refashion with it some other time. In my excitement to get started, I did forget to take a before picture. . . I'll figure something out to pin it back together to show you how it looked before :]
Keep cheering for my Pokes! As I write this we're up 37-31* against KState at the start of the 4th. We're hoping to stay undefeated for our Bedlam game against OU!
Stay warm!
*Edit: Cowboys WIN! 57-45! We'll see today for sure, but OSU has got to be #2 in the nation now! I'm so glad Weeden and Blackmon decided to stay another year instead of going to the NFL!

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