Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 11: Turning Point in Your Life

Seriously? A turning point? I'm going to be honest, I don't think I've done so much with my life that I ever actually needed to make a 180. I was raised by a good family, went to good schools, graduated, and am now in college at one of the best undergraduate institutes for my major. I've never been rebellious and even when I was questioning of my faith at all, I was still a good person. So what was there to turn from? I chose starting college. I got behind on my drawings while my parents and beau were here for Homecoming (sorry o_O, no post yet), and I wasn't really excited about this one, so it's not very good and I didn't do a lot of coloring. . . I got a little perspective at least?

Lovely labels of "sidewalk," "Parking Lot" (why is that capitalized?), ":Bennet Hall," "my window," and "gutter." And the building definitely doesn't have a big OSU logo right on top. Plus the parking lot was actually about twice that distance away (if drawn to scale, of course) and up a really steep hill. There's not even a parking lot there anymore, it's becoming a new practice field for the football team. I love that we're ranked at #2 in the polls now and all, but that was important parking space and now there's nowhere for the residents of Bennett Hall to park without needing some good walking shoes.
I also enjoy the faces I drew. My parents and boyfriend helped set up my room and stayed for a couple days in Stilly while I got settled in, and when they left I was kind of happy and pretty sad and scared, David was sad, my mom was really sad, and my dad was very proud. I actually will fess up to taking a shower immediately after they left so I could cry without my suitemates hearing. . .yeah. If it makes it any better, I didn't have a car for about the first month of school, so I was really lonely and felt trapped in my dorm because I'm really shy and "slow to warm up" in psychology terms. It's gotten a lot better since then, though :] I still really love Dallas and enjoy going home to see my family and friends, but Stillwater feels kind of homey, too.

There was another earthquake today. A 4.7 on the Richter Scale. Oh and it was in the middle of a thunderstorm, flash flood warning, and tornado watch. Whoever named this city Stillwater was out of their mind. I remember my dad asking why I wanted to go away to school, and I told him because Dallas was boring since I've grown up there. His reply? "So you want to move to a town called Stillwater?" I'm glad it's not as boring as the name may imply. It's still raining, and I had to leave my newly clean laundry at The Cousins' (Shannon, Karrah, and Laura's place) so it wouldn't get rained on, but I'm thinking this rain and my new not-take-a-nap-after-8am-class thing will help me sleep really well!

Do you think your town's name fits it? What about the name of your apartments? Those are always fun since they usually have the word lake or forest in them but are near nothing of the sort. Tell me in the comments! I really do want to know! :]

I hope your Monday didn't give you the blues, and if it did, I'm sure Tuesday will be better :]

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