Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 13: Comic

A few days before Comic day, I told someone what I was doing with this Moleskine and why I always had it with me. He was intrigued and asked if he could be in one of the drawings. I'm still getting to know him (and up until about a week before that day, I didn't like him) so I wasn't sure where he'd fit. And then I saw it! Comic. I could make a comic with whatever I wanted, and then name one of the characters Chris after him. It was perfect! Up until this point I've tried to keep my obsession with Harry Potter under wraps. Sure I drew Luna Lovegood as my favorite book character, but I could have done that without being completely enthralled with the series. Alas, I am a big nerd. There is literally a shelf in my room with only HP items on it--a box-set of the books, all of the movies that have come out (the final one will be added to my collection this Friday at midnight!), Harry Potter: Film Wizardry (a book detailing the process of adaptation from book to film), a couple of wands, and the HP shaped 3D glasses from the most recent midnight premiere. Now that you know all of this, it should come as no surprise that I am a big fan of StarKid Productions and their shows A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel, which, other than Chris, were the inspiration for the comic.

I love my rendition of HP's scar. Hilarious. And yes, I do laugh at my own jokes. If you're having trouble reading it for some reason it says:
Chris: "Hi! I'm Chris! I'm super cool! I'm going to Hogwarts! Let's be friends with Harry Potter!"
From a distance Harry, Ron, and Hermione sing "Who's that guy?! It's Jess" (like The New Girl theme song) "I mean Chris..."
Chris: "Hey guys! Wanna be friends? If you're on the fence about it, you should know that: A) I'm Chris, B) I play the guitar, and C) I'm super cool."
Chris then plays guitar and sings terribly for an hour. After finishing a song and seeing Harry's, Ron's, and Hermione's reactions says: "You didn't like that song either? I'll play another! Then you'll want to be friends!"
Harry, Ron, and Hermione respond with: "OK! We'll be friends! Just stop singing!"

Chris and his boss, Michael (who both work at the Wesley Foundation @ OSU) both read it, and Michael said that it actually fits Chris well; Chris said he's had other people do similar things with him as a character. I think that means that he is probably very sure of himself, and doesn't change a whole lot. Also, he must be memorable in order for people to read his personality so well and use it as a character.

I never was very into reading comics. I'll occasionally scan the ones in the Sunday paper, but I don't own any "graphic novels" or have a fondness for any comic strip/comic strip characters in particular. I bet if they made a decent Harry Potter strip I'd eat it up, though!

Have you ever drawn a comic? Do you read any comics regularly? Do you love Harry Potter? Leave it in the comments! And have a very happy Wednesday :]

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  1. I knew the "who's that guy? it's Jess" part was from New Girl! So funny.
    I drew some comics back in the in elementary :P And I did like those comics...gosh, I forgot the name of them, but those little ones you could get at the register at the grocery store. I've read 2 graphic novels- both made for girls, one written/illustrated by an artist visiting Paris and one written by one of the Glamour editors :)
    I LOVE HARRY POTTER. Thanks somewhat to you. I agree- a HP comic would awesome!