Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 8: Favorite Animated Character

Gosh. Another hard choice. I'm only 20, so I would guess that at least half of the movies and TV shows I've ever watched were/are animated. That's a lot of characters to choose from. The Disney Princesses were certainly in the running
Belle has always been a favorite of mine (though definitely not in the 'real' Grimm's version of Beauty and the Beast) I think because of the brown hair and eyes that are similar to mine. My prom dress was yellow! And There have been several attempts at mastering her 'simple' up-do to no avail. 
The music from The Little Mermaid, but I have never felt like her story was very good. I totally understand how much she loved Eric, but I do not endorse changing species and leaving your family forever at 16 to marry a guy you've never spoken to. 
Cinderella is a great classic princess tale, but I never connected with that blonde hair and those blue eyes.
To this day I have never seen the whole of Sleeping Beauty. I know the general story (and the Grimm version-not appropriate. . .) but I have no desire to see it and I think I may still be kinda scared of Maleficent. Pocahontas and Mulan don't count as princesses, though I do love breaking into "I'll Make a Man Out of You" on occasion. I like Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, but it's definitely not in the running for favorite.
Then I looked to more recent movies and settled on a small, funny colored, foreign language speaking imp:
The Minions are one of the best things that Universal has ever come up with! I'd be surprised if they were ever so close to being real competition for the Disney Classics. My phamily (my big and littles in my sorority Sigma Phi Lambda) and I watch this movie all the time, and our cheer we do consists of our hands being made into goggles. We all have characters who we identify with (I'm Margo, if you were wondering) and can probably, between the 8 of us, recite the entire film. It's a pretty hardcore obsession. Addiction? Possibly. 

I know what character(s) birthday girl Hanna would have chosen. . .
Hakuna Matata on your special day, I hope!! I can't believe you're not a teenager any more! We're all getting so old! Remember these days?
I can't help but laugh at this picture! I love you! Have a great twenty-first year of life :]

To make Hanna's birthday super special, you should all go and read her blog! Its goal is to enhance education by bettering ourselves, which is something we could all handle a little more of! It's not too ranty and she doesn't go on long tangents; it's direct and to the point and makes you evaluate the things you really need to. I really admire the way that she's changing the world with her posts-even if it's a small part of one person that changes at a time. 

Share your favorite animated characters below and let me know why! Do you think I picked the right one?! Do you think picking a Minion was the silliest thing ever? Let me know!
PS- I think I figured out a decent way to use my scanner instead of one in the library on campus! Hopefully the images will be better from now on. If the Minion today is any indication (I used my own scanner for him) then I think we're all set!
Happy Wednesday!

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