Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 19: Something New

I was over at the cousins' the day I was drawing today's drawing(s), so I asked my littles for advice. I thought it should be something new to me, but one of them had a great idea that wasn't something I myself  had recently acquired/experienced. But I had to use it! Not only was it going to be cute, it was easy to draw, and I knew exactly how I'd do it as soon as the word had come out of her mouth.

"A baby!" Swaddled in a precious pink blanket with a little curly-q of hair and big, pink lips. I wish I knew people having babies! I want to hold one so badly just looking at this!

The second drawing was one I came up with myself pretty easily. The night before is when I experienced that 5.6 earthquake. There had been two other earthquakes in Oklahoma while I was here before then, and there were three in California the week I was there a few years ago, but I had never felt one! I felt so left out from all the Facebook statuses and the feeling of an earthquake in general. So I had to draw that, too :]

I think it might be hard to know what this is if I hadn't already told you, but it's perfect for what I had in my mind. As Laura was talking about the baby drawing, this is the picture that kept popping up in my head as something new for me. It was fun to see something so clearly in my mind and then get it out on paper, and pretty closely to what I was imagining at that! There was another earthquake the day after I drew this, but I didn't feel any shaking again, I just got really dizzy. The fluid in my semi-circular canals must move around a lot when the earth shakes. Gotta love those anatomy classes ;]

On a completely separate note, I went to see a play tonight! It was so funny! I didn't know the theater program at OSU had such good actors and actresses! If you ever have the chance to see the play Noises Off, snag it, for sure! It was honestly the funniest stage show I've ever seen. The best part was that it was interpreted into ASL by some of the students who are working toward certification for interpreting! ASL is a full of expressions anyway, but watching those students interpret something else that is always full of expression was amazing! It was even more funny watching the interpreters and really exciting when I knew what they were saying! Sorry for all the exclamation marks (another one's coming), but it really deserves it! I had a great time and I learn so much at every event I attend where there are plenty of deaf people for me to converse with. I'm sad that the last Silent Dinner of the semester is on Monday :[

I hope your Thursday was as good as mine and that you'll have a fantastic Friday! It's initiation night for the Phi Lamb babies! I'm super excited to spend some time with my g-little and the rest of the family just for fun.

Has something really interesting happened to you recently? What 'something new' would you draw? Have you seen any awesome stage shows? I want to know! Tell me in the comments, please :]

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