Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 27: Someone You Love

Throughout the drawing challenge, David was always asking me why he wasn't the inspiration for certain pictures. "Why aren't I your best friend?" "Why am I not your inspiration?" "Why haven't you drawn meeee?" Because there was a day just for you, dear :] I love lots of people. Many of the people in my life are people whom I would die for without a heartbeat's hesitation. I care so much about my friends and family; everything I do truly is to make them proud and happy. Thankfully their standards for those things are around the same as my own, so I make myself proud and happy, too. Basically, I love a lot of people, but this day was always saved for my beau.

I told David that I tried to make it manly. I think I may have failed. . . It's the thought that counts though, right? My original idea was much more girly, so this is better than it could've been, at least.

We celebrated 3 years of togetherness at the beginning of October :]

My great friend, Shannon and her boyfriend were kind enough to take some couple-y photos of us a couple of weekends ago while David was here :] David has a DSLR and Josh and Shannon had a lot of fun with that. I was doing some editing on the pictures earlier at the Wesley Foundation (a student ministry based out of the United Methodist Church; I spend all my Tuesdays there) and asked one of the women who works there, Janina, what she though of an edit. . .

Make the flower on my necklace more purple (like above) or keep it the more muted purple that it is in real life? We obviously chose the more purple one; but when I showed her she said "those are cute pictures! You're not engaged, are you, Lauren?!" I thought it was funny, and told her no, it was just for fun. Then I assured her that I will tell her when I get engaged.

On the way to San Antonio for Bands of America Super-Regionals and UIL State marching competitions.

I always think how we got together is a funny story. I'm sure David would tell the tale completely differently than I do because he remembers me from earlier than I do him.
Supposedly we had World Geography together freshman year-I have no recollection of it.
We also apparently had AP Physics B together first semester of junior year. I remember there being an Asian guy sitting next to me whom I would ask for homework help a lot, but I don't remember it being David. I dropped the class at the end of the semester with the support of our teacher who told me "yeah, you just don't understand it." Thanks Mr. Frensley.
In spring of junior year, David played the piano for the prelude at the Bandolera Spring Show (a showcase of our drill team's dances, along with the drumline, country western dance team, and a comedy troupe) and I specifically remember saying hi to him and knowing his name at that point. I don't remember how I knew his name, but I did. . .

In San Antonio on the way to a performance. Please don't judge me on that horrible make-up. . .We celebrated our one month anniversary on that bus :]

Finally, David was named Drum Major of our marching band, and I was a colorguard officer. I was gone for most of August when band camp was, but when I got back we had a guard performance at Convocation. All the teachers in the school district come together for a pep rally type celebration to get excited for the coming school year. A lot of different groups from the schools perform; that year it included the Berkner colorguard (moi), the Drum Majors from all four high schools, the drumline from Lake Highlands High School, and the 1st and 2nd graders from one of the elementary schools who did a cute little dance. Anyway, David and I were both there along with the rest of the colorguard and the other two Drum Majors from Berkner. I had been really anxious all morning because an ex-boyfriend was a Drum Major at one of the other schools and he still gave me butterflies. . .then Emily, a friend from guard and one of the biggest flirts you will ever meet, started flirting with David. I don't know why, but for some reason something snapped, and all I could think was "not him." I just knew that he was "mine." I sat with him on the bus back to the school and made sure he came to the guard end of summer party that Friday. When he showed up, I got his number and sat next to him during the movie-Mean Girls. He was so innocent he even shielded his eyes during the kissing scenes. So precious!

 Band Banquet senior year.

I started texting him a lot and we got to know each other. At Cici's after a home game (the pizza place stays open late for our band the nights of home games) about 3 weeks before Homecoming (a huge deal in Texas), I asked him to go to the dance with me. He said he "didn't know if his plans were going to work out," but he'd let me know. The whole next week went by and nothing happened. . . The next Thursday (1 week and a few days before Homecoming), before practice that morning, my best friend Molly came up to me and said "David told me to tell you not to worry about finding a date for Homecoming. You're not supposed to know he told me to, though." As I went to all of my classes that day I got a rose and an origami crane from each teacher, eventually getting 6 flowers and notes on the birds that read "will you go to Homecoming with." In my last class, guard, the rest of the dozen roses and a crane that said "me?" were waiting on the table at the front of the band hall. I of course said yes!

 The mum he made for me and the garter I made for him. It's a Texas tradition to do these at Homecoming. We wear them all day Friday-many people to the game as well. It stems from girls getting chrysanthemums from boys and were originally a sign of popularity.

We got together that Saturday to work on mums and garters with a couple of other friends, did the exchange on Wednesday, the game on Friday, and went to the dance on Saturday. Saturday night we stayed at a friend's house with the rest of our group (usually you go to dinner, the dance, and an after party with a group of friends-we make t-shirts to show which group we're in and stuff) and the next morning David got up and went to church! What a good boy :] I expected him to kiss me on the way out, but he didn't :[
Pictures before the Homecoming dance.
The next weekend we had a marching competition in Arlington, TX. After performing our prelim show, we went to the mall over there for lunch and a short break before rehearsing for finals. David and I had been holding hands since Homecoming and did so at the mall, as well. At one point he let go of my hand, put his in his pocket, and grabbed mine again-only there was something in his hand now. I stopped to see what it was and it was a bracelet. He asked me out and put the bracelet on me when I said yes :] It was really cute. Soon after, I noticed him pull our hands behind us a little bit and then return them to where they had been. . . He thought he was being sly, but I knew that he did it to show our friends behind us who knew of his plan that I did, indeed, have the bracelet on. I just love him! So, the rest is history. We've certainly had our ups and downs, nearly breaking up three times in a 3-4 week period freshman year of college, but we're really great now and looking forward to the future. I wear a size 5.5 ring, if he ever asks you ;]

Here are some more pictures from over the years:

Spring band trip to Corpus Christi senior year.


One my sister took for us as a senior piture.

Senior Sunday at my church. David was my piano accompaniment for a song I performed.

In Florida two summers ago.

Spring Break '11 with the best friends. Port Aransas, TX.

At the Zoo this past summer.

Just a couple of weeks ago-David's very first NCAA football game in person!

David, you are such a great supporter for me. You are so caring, giving, and all around a great guy. Any girl would be lucky to have you, which means I'm the luckiest since I snagged you first! I truly could not be more excited for our future (though I'm loving the here and now, as well). Thank you for all you mean to me and all you've done for us these past three years. ♥

If you did this drawing, would it have been your significant other? Your mom or dad? Your best friend? Maybe someone you don't even know-Oprah? J.K. Rowling?
Do you think the word 'love' gets thrown around too easily these days?
Tell me everything! :]

Here's wishing you a warm Wednesday,


  1. So I posted a chemistry pick-up line and David said he knew a bunch. Then I asked him if that was how he got you, he sent me to this blog post and I spent a good amount of time reading all of it. This is so adorable and you two are too cute for words. The love between you two is beautiful :)

  2. Vi, you are too kind! Thank you so much. It is always so encouraging to hear (read) such sweet words :]