Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 23: Something You Need, Day 24: A Couple, and Day 25: Scenery

Ahh! Sorry I didn't post for two days. I thought it would be okay to take a break from the blog posting month in order to spend time with my family and be thankful for everything I have been blessed with. I've had such a great time at home so far!
I got home on Tuesday and went with my mom to dinner thinking it would possibly be just the two of us, but my dad, sister, and boyfriend were all able to make it in time to eat :]
On Wednesday I drove to Bedford, TX (about 40 minutes) to eat lunch with my long lost G Big from Phi Lamb, Erica! I hadn't seen her since her wedding on June 4th, so it was great to see her and catch up! I didn't realize how much we had to talk about since the last time we'd hung out, but we ended up talking for an hour and a half. I also have a friend, Dylan, who lives in Colleyville, TX, which is 10 minutes away from Bedford, and he came to meet me there so that we could hang out. We went and saw Happy Feet Two! It was a really cute movie and there weren't a lot of people there, so we were able to talk and joke throughout the whole thing. He and I have only been friends for a couple of months, so we're still getting to know each other and seeing a somewhat cheesy movie was perfect :] And then David and I went to our good friend Tommy's house to see him and Molly, and a few of our other friends from high school. We made oreo turkeys! It was a bit of a Pinterest fail (when you try to make something from Pinterest and it doesn't quite turn out), but we got about 5 good turkeys out of it. 
Thursday morning we woke up early and went to the Turkey Trot in downtown Dallas. There were so many people there! The YMCA that hosts it is owned by T. Boone Pickens who graduated from, and is a large donor to, my university! I wasn't able to run-I had a stress fracture in my foot during the time I would have trained, and my asthma is worse in cold weather-but I walked with my mom and we had fun. It was pretty chilly, so we 'cheated' at one point and took an early turn where we found a coffee shop and I grabbed some hot chocolate. It was a good time for the most part, but there were so many people walking with strollers and dogs that kind of got in the way.
After the Trot, we rested at home, took showers, changed clothes, and did a little more cooking, then headed to Lewisville for Thanksgiving "lunch" at my Aunt Leslie and Uncle Randy's home (we didn't eat till 3pm or so, therefore it has quotes around lunch). Leslie's dad always makes a deep fried turkey and we have all sorts of fixin's for the sides. My sister Nicole is obsessed with Granma's cauliflower and cheese, so we had that, then there were rolls, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and franks, and sweet potatoes, not to mention the two turkeys and all the pies. After lunch, David, Raychel, and I went upstairs for some quiet time, where David and I discovered a stockpile of Nerf guns. We loaded up and got my little cousin Ben to get Nicole's boyfriend Burch upstairs and we immediately waged war on him. We had a great time with it. It was so much fun running around the house and shooting everyone. They make automatic Nerf guns! You fill the clip and a spring shoots them out like a machine gun. Craziness. After running off all the food from lunch, we went downstairs and had some pie with homemade whipped cream, had another war, then went home after a long day. I slept in the car I was so worn out. 
Today was pretty good-woke up late, had lunch with Molly, Tommy, and David, played Dance Central on the Xbox Kinect, and went to play some football with friends. Molly and I didn't play for very long, but sat and caught up with each other-we hadn't seen each other since August, the day before I left for school! We also got some Frisbee-ing in. Then I came home and Raychel and I went to her friends' house to see their twin baby girls! Ellie and Evie are so precious! Jenn and Eric did such a good job making those two :] When we got home we watched some more Kinect and had some homemade lasagna that my dad made! It was vegetarian, too, just for Raychel. Now, I'm sitting on the couch with my family writing this and dancing on Dance Central Two (a Black Friday find). Great few days! 

Now that you know where I've been, let's get caught up on those drawings!
What makes up 70% of our bodies and falls from the sky on a (somewhat) regular basis?

Water! A couple people who've seen this in person and didn't see the small label on the bottom right of the drop thought that it was that I "need to cry." So sad :[ I don't need to cry, guys, I'm okay! I'm not very good at drinking water every day, or every week for that matter. I tend to drink about a soda a day and then lots of juice and Ovaltine. I'm still alive though, and pretty healthy, so apparently I get enough H2O without drinking straight water. It's hard to do in Stillwater because all the water tastes like chlorine and when it's frozen into ice, it tastes like salt-who wants to drink that?! Not I.

For the couple I took inspiration again from There's a drawing on there with a boy and girl on a hill looking at stars. I drew a mountain and a boy and a girl, supposedly David and I according to my friends, looking at stars from the summit of a mountain. It's the only drawing in the whole challenge colored with crayon instead of colored pencil, so that's kind of cool.

It's a little hard to see the stars under all that black and blue sky, but you get the idea!

For the scenery, I remembered that I often drew trees and park benches when I was younger (even as recently as high school, though), and used that. 

I tried to get some good perspective, but I did it during a school day and didn't have a straight-edge with me, so who knows how accurate it is. There are some more mountains from the previous day and a cliff in the background, plus a lake. I like the ones that take more time like this and are more complex. I like trying to get the right color and the perspective-maybe I lied at the beginning and really am some sort of artist :]

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and your Friday has been fantastic. See you tomorrow to post. . . I don't know what! Maybe a draft of the Advent Calender I'm wanting to make!
Until then,

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