Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 6: Favorite Book Character

I said over a week before starting these drawings that I would definitely be cheating on Day 6. The challenge says that the book character cannot be a movie. In all honesty, pretty much every book I've read has a movie to go along with it; every book with a worthy character, I guess. It was never a question of who, but of how I would draw for this day. I chose to do the most obvious thing I could think of-Spectraspecs popped right out of a Quibbler. Until writing this post, I really thought that it was the most telling feature of that dirty blonde; now I realize some radish earrings and a butterbeer cork necklace would have been even better. But then I would have had to draw eyes, and that is never a good choice for me.
I love how different Luna is. She truly doesn't care what anyone thinks about her, and living in a college town and going to school where it seems everyone is in a Greek letter organization, I am astonished at this ability. I have to try very hard on a daily basis to make sure I'm doing the 'right' thing, not only in the eyes of others, but also for my own future and standards I set for myself. Truly not caring about the judgments of others is such an admirable trait-I think most people forget that, and shrug Loony Luna Lovegood off as simply being strange, and unworthy of interaction.

Even though Luna doesn't come into the picture until book 5 (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), she goes through a lot of character growth during the final installments of the series and plays a vital role in the defeat of Lord Voldemort. She may be a little strange and intimidating at first with her boldness in wardrobe as well as in what she says, but if you give her the chance, Luna is one of the best characters you could ever associate yourself with. Not to mention the awesome Evanna Lynch who portrays Luna in the movies. If I were at Hogwarts (20 years ago when the HP timeline says she was actually there) I hope that I would have been drawn to Luna and befriended her pre-Dumbledore's army so I could say "I was her friend first" like people do with bands who make it big. Haha.
Anyway, here it is:
I pretty much did everything I could to avoid drawing facial features. I think it worked out okay, but I wish there was a way I could have done my own take on the Spectraspecs (rather than copying the version from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince pictured above) without it getting to be rather mod-looking. What are you gonna do?

How many of you have a favorite character from Harry Potter? Who is it (even non-HP ones :])?

I'm hoping to have some Homecoming pictures up here sometime this week! Have a happy Halloween! I'll be studying, baking tie-dye cupcakes, and practicing some ASL for my demo tomorrow!

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