Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 28: Anything You'd Like

Hello friends! How was your Wednesday? I feel like I should call it 'hump day,' but I really don't like that term. How 'bout hill day? Or bump day? Anyway, how was it?
Mine was a little interesting. I haven't had a lot of homework this semester until recently. And now all of my professors are going crazy with assignments thinking they haven't given enough and it's more than I can handle along with my regular social gatherings. I always think this diagram illustrates the conundrum perfectly:
I thought I could handle choosing social life and good grades, but it turns out that getting enough sleep is essential to getting good grades. . . Basically, I stayed up late working on some homework, not even finishing it, and ended up sleeping through my alarm this morning. I have done this once already this semester-at that time I appreciated it and knew it must mean my body needed more rest. The first time it happened, however, I didn't miss a quiz because of it. I missed another boring lecture from a professor who reads off the powerpoint presentation. One of the homeworks I was working on last night was studying for a quiz in that awful 8am class that I ended up accidentally missing. So I'm now missing a quiz grade in there.
Then, since I didn't finish all of my homework last night, I planned to get back from my early class around 9 or 9:15 and have two hours to work on the rest of it before getting ready for my afternoon classes. But no. I woke up at 10:15. I had to watch a 56 minute video for one of my assignments, let alone read two chapters of a novel I have little-to-no interest in, then answer the questions in my textbook with answers synthesizing all three sources. Then I needed to take a shower and get ready and not have wet hair so I didn't freeze when I went outside. . . long story long, I had a long morning and still didn't finish everything-at least not in the way I generally like for it to be done.

My afternoon was much better! I couldn't focus in my 12:30 class because I still had some adrenaline from the morning, I believe, but once I got out of there and took a deep breath, I was able to calm down and keep working on some stuff. Then I had just one class left, which is usually pretty laid back, and non-stress inducing whatsoever. Then I met Dylan and had a double feature-he brought 500 Days of Summer since I didn't like it the first time, and I put on Despicable Me because he hadn't seen it before. It's been fun getting to know him! I haven't had any guy friends in college, so it's nice to remember how loyal men are in their relationships and just make a friend :]

Sorry for the tangents, but on a day where I get to share a drawing of anything I'd like, I figured I can talk about anything I'd like as well. But here's the drawing!

It's nice and springy! I miss warm weather already. I wish there was a season in this part of the world where I could wear boots and sweaters without a jacket on top. I think that mid-October through mid-November could have been like that here, but it's just so windy in Oklahoma. That's probably my least favorite thing about living here. The worst times is when it's been dry and the wind blows dirt everywhere and you get it in your eyes, or your mouth if you try to talk. . . gross.

I really hope your Wednesday wasn't as strange as mine felt, and that you enjoy these last few days before the world ends because of the Bedlam game! No matter who wins or loses, there are going to be some angry people in Stillwater, and I pray I'm not one of them. But maybe the earth will shake again to celebrate a Cowboys win!

See you tomorrow for the second-to-last post of the Drawing Challenge! I can't believe we're to this point already! I've got to start finding other things to post about ;]
Leave me some things you'd love to see on here in the comments!

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