Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 29: A Place You Want To Go

For the last year or so, I've really wanted to move to a different country for a year. In many other developed countries, the school systems are better, they have pretty good social programs, and they just seem better. I'm sure I have in my head a fantasy-like image of these countries, France, England and the like-but that doesn't change my mind one bit. I want to go! And I don't want to just visit. I hope to consider myself a citizen of the world, and part of becoming that definitely includes living somewhere for an extended amount of time to actually soak up some of the culture. It's important to me to be well-traveled and "well-rounded," and I hope that it's something I can accomplish and will instill in my future children.

The country I specifically want to visit?

I'm a pretty shy person, so I think up an moving to another country and having to speak a different language would be too much for my introverted brain. Too much stimulation exhausts me and that would stress me out.

Another part of that well-roundedness to me is being multilingual. Currently my goal is to be quadrilingual. I speak English, I'm learning American Sign Language, my boyfriend is Vietnamese, so I want to learn that, and French used to be a language that meant you were well educated and showed status, plus I think it would just be good to learn. When reading Jane Eyre I was sad that I couldn't understand the parts that were in French. When the novel was written, it was common for every woman to learn French in order to be a "suitable" wife someday, so the main audience for the book was all able to read those passages. Now, French isn't seen as being so valuable as a foreign language, so not many people choose to learn it.

Do you speak multiple languages? Do you have any goals that include travel or language learning? Life-long learning in general? Maybe you can give me some ideas for my bucket list (that I have never started. Maybe this is a jump-start?) :]

Happy weekend tomorrow!
Go Pokes!

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