Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 2: Favorite Animal

I never am really sure about my favorite anything. Favorite color? Most days I answer purple, but I really like green and blue also. And orange since it's a school color. Favorite food, like tomorrow? Chicken? Pizza? Brownies? Too many options. Likewise, I had a couple choices for which animal I should draw.
I've always been a big fan of giraffes. I think it's because when I was little I was a bit taller than most of the other girls in my grade, so I felt some sort of connection to this tallest of animals. On the other hand, lion starts with L like my name does, and that's always been something I liked. Not to mention the awesome Velcro shoes I had when I was in Kindergarten that had some Lion King images on the side. In the end I decided on the one that I felt possibly embodied me more:
Like I said yesterday, living things are not my strong suit when it comes to drawing. If you couldn't tell, that image up there ^ was my reference for my drawing. I got the proportions a little off, but other than that I think it's okay. Certainly not lifelike or anything, but we all can tell it's a giraffe (right?) and I had fun with it.
I wish the scanner that I used didn't have such a bright light. For me to see this drawing with the colors that it actually looks like in person, I have to tilt my screen back a little bit. So if you're having trouble seeing it with good contrast, you should tilt the screen back some.
I mentioned earlier some foods that could be on my favorite food list. The one I picked is actually not up there. It's yellow, and (usually) sweet. And I like how I drew it :]
You should leave your guess for my favorite food and your own favorite animal in the comments!
Have a splendid Tuesday night and Wednesday!

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  1. I'm guessing corn. I'm pretty certain after living with you for 20 years. Wow that makes me feel really old saying that.

    Favorite animal? Monkey! Turtle! I think those are my two faves. I still want a pet monkey.