Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 4: Favorite Place

Hello, hello, hello!
I just watched a video about pomping starring President Burns Hargis and First Cowgirl Ann, so I'm super pumped for All Night Pomp tonight (even though I'm not exactly participating) and Walkaround tomorrow! The video can be seen here.
In other campus news, JFA (Justice For All), a pro-life group, has been on campus the past two days with their 15 foot tall structure that has pictures of aborted fetuses on it. I'm not going to say whether I'm pro-life or pro-choice on here, but either way, I feel this group has an unnecessarily in-your-face way to present their stance. I know for a fact that students here have had abortions and showing them blown up pictures of fetal tissue is not only rude, but it's demeaning to them because it was probably a hard decision to make. If a woman is pregnant with an unwanted child, none of the options she has are very good, and you just never know with the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy and the lives of all involved; so pro-life or not, it is not this group's place to judge or make these young women feel like murderers (which is what they tend to do). I do not enjoy having this group on campus, but it is always enjoyable to see the Planned Parenthood free condom booth nearby.

Let's move on to something more happy! I am so blessed to have such an amazing family and to still live in the house that I grew up in since I was four years old. I love that place so much! Houses are pretty intricate structures, though, and I knew I would not be able to draw it from memory-plus I would have definitely left out the landscaping and all you would have gotten to see is the white brick and blue trim. I had my awesome boyfriend text me a picture of the outside of the house and used that as a reference. I'm not really sure of the best way to put that picture up, so we'll do without.

I started out thinking that I would go ahead and attempt to draw the stuff outside the frame of his phone's camera, but concluded not to do so, hence the black around the outside of the drawing. Some of the proportions are a little off, and I'm not sure how well I did on some of the things that needed depth, but overall I'm proud of this drawing and it's my favorite up to this point :]
I also thought about doing my bedroom at home, just my bed, or somewhere else on the inside of my house, but chose this. When I think of home, the outside is the first thing to come to mind, followed closely by the living room, and my dog greeting me at the door.

Where is your favorite place? Have you found a different place to call home if you've moved out of your childhood house?

Be sure to wish warm weather this way for all the people who will pomping in the rain tonight, walking around tomorrow evening, and watching some Cowboy football against the Baylor Bears on Saturday!

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