Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 3: Favorite Food

Like I said yesterday, favorite food was a tough one. There is actually a page in my other Moleskine that has a list of the foods I could have chosen. I felt like my favorite food should be something that I could eat on a regular basis and not get tired of. The only food I know like that is pizza; and even pizza with its multitude of topping combinations may not be able to be eaten on a daily basis. So I stuck with my original choice. Some yummy corn!
It's still making me really sad that the scanner was so bright and you can't really see the work I did :[ Again, just tilt your screen back a bit and you should be able to see the colors how they actually look in my notebook. I've already copied days 1-7 with that scanner, but if anyone has an idea for how to fix it next week, just give me a shout!
Sorry that this is a shorter-than-normal post and nearly late. It's Homecoming week at OSU, and if you've ever looked up information about this awesome school, you'd find that not only do we pride ourselves on having the largest Student Union in the world, we also celebrate the biggest homecoming in the nation! Pomping (4x4 squares of differently colored tissue paper rolled on a pencil and stuck into small chicken wire) is going on at all hours of the night. I chose to wear orange every day. All sorts of busy-ness (how do you spell that so it doesn't become business?).
I kid you not, that entire thing is made out of tissue paper and chicken wire fastened to large metal structures. There's one in front of every single fraternity house, plus everyone who participates in sweepstakes designs a float for the parade on Saturday which is usually also pomped (pomp is also a noun referring to the actual squares of tissue paper). It's a huge deal here, and Stillwater, OK will double in population for the weekend because of this.
If it's Homecoming week for you, have a happy week and good luck at your game! I promise I'll get these posts up sooner when I'm not so excited by all the festivities :] In the meantime, enjoy looking at all the house decs (as we call them) on Kelly Rae's website I linked to up there.
Looking forward to sharing my favorite place with you tomorrow!

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