Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 1: Yourself

I am so excited to start showing my drawings to you guys! If you look over on the right column of my blog with the about me and all, the first thing you'll read is that I am not an artist. I do not claim to be nor do I aspire to be. So, no laughing? Pretty please? I mean, you can laugh when I say something funny, because I hope that I could be called witty, at least on occasion, but don't laugh because of how inartistic these drawings may be. For the most part, they're a little cartoon-y, but it gets the point across.
So let's get started!
I was home from school last weekend for my fall break and I got to spend Friday afternoon with my beau at the Arboretum. He's made a hobby of taking pretty pictures with his fancy camera, and occasionally takes a little longer to get his 'perfect shot.' So while I was waiting, I took this picture.
I had been trying to come up with how I would draw myself for Day 1 of the 30 Day Drawing Challenge. I know I cannot draw people. Or living things for that matter. I had been thinking of doing a silhouette for a couple days to go off of and I hoped this was the perfect opportunity. It was pretty sunny outside, though, so I couldn't see my screen on the camera very well to know how the picture turned out. . . Who knew I was an elf with the pointiest nose ever? Or a witch since I apparently have a wart on my nose? Not how I wanted my first drawing to look. So I came back to school and thought about it some more and settled on taking a picture of my profile with my webcam on my laptop. I figured having someone else (or something else) hold the camera so I wouldn't have to worry about not having the camera in the picture was my best bet, no matter how awful the quality of the photo. I just needed an example to draw from, not something to hang in a museum.
I used these two pictures and came up with:
I like it! The bow on the L in my name is perfect since I know a couple people that have never seen me without a hair accessory and I like the warm color scheme I picked. I like cool colors too (they are my favorite colors, actually), but I went with the orange bow since I'm so school spirited and colored the rest from there. If this is the only way I can ever draw people, that's a-okay with me :]
If you were worried about my scanner issue, it's not solved yet. I scanned this at the library on campus. It'll work for now I suppose.
Stay tuned for tomorrow-favorite animal. 3 guesses what I drew! First one to get it right should reward themselves with a cookie even though this pin says not to.

Have a happy Monday!

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