Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 5: Your Best Friend

I told Molly on Day 1 that she would be featured today. I am thrilled to share this with her! :]
Molly and I met in 3rd grade (right?). Maybe 5th. It was an odd-numbered grade in elementary school. We were fast friends in Sunday School and have been best friends ever since. We went through confirmation together, joined youth choir, sang in the praise band, and went on all sorts of summer trips with the church. We've had our hard times, but there has never been a day where I felt that she wouldn't be by my side helping me if I needed her. And I hope she knows that I will never hesitate to catch her if she falls.
For the 3rd time, I cannot draw living things. At all. So I'm sure after reading the first blog in which I let y'all know that fact, that Molly wondered how she would be depicted. In 7th grade Molly and I had Spanish together, and a guy in there thought it was hilarious that my best friend is named Molly Brown, like the lady from the Titanic. He incessantly called her "Titanic Lady" for the entire year. It was really annoying, but gave me inspiration for my Day 5 drawing. I know the "real" Molly Brown was called the Unsinkable after surviving the 1912 run-in with the iceberg, and I like to think that my Molly Brown is just as unsinkable. She doesn't let anything get her down, and crashing into a big problem (a metaphorical iceberg) is not going to stop her from getting where and what she wants in life. She definitely helps keep me grounded, and I have no idea how terrible high school (and junior high. And college. Life in general) would have been without her.
I hope you like it Best Friend. I'm sorry I still haven't sent that one letter to you. I'll get it to ya ASAP! I miss you so much! Enjoy cheering the Rangers on to being World Series Champions without me. I'll for sure be thinking of you. And I may look like this, pretending you're next to me. ;]

Who's your best friend? Has it changed a lot, or been pretty steady, like mine? As long as you know that someone will always be there for you, I think you're all set, no matter who that person is :]

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See you next week! I'm going to enjoy the Homecoming festivities with my family and boyfriend :]

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