Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 30: A Congrats Banner For Finishing The Challenge

We made it! Well, I did. If you've been reading for the past month and a half, you made it too! While I have really enjoyed doing these drawing posts, I'm ready to start doing some other stuff and not have the monotony I sometimes felt with posting the challenge. It was really nice to know what I was posting about and always have that to fall back on, so it's kind of scary to jump now and start coming up with posts on my own. I probably won't get one up every day anymore, but that just means it'll be better when you do get to read :]

On to the banner!

I like the fireworks. And that bright yellow "yay!" on the left. I had some trouble with the E in "finished" because I didn't have anything to with which to base how it should look on the curve. Close up and in person, it does look right, but far away it looks wrong because it got a little smudged and the lead pencil makes it look like I colored that far. Anyway, I'm just being a little nit picky. And now that I look at it closer. . . huh. The scanner cropped off some of this picture. The very right of it is missing, but you get the gist of it. There's a flower and a smiley face over there I'm pretty sure, and the rest of a firework. Oh well.

Now that I've finished the challenge, I miss drawing every day a little bit. Has anyone seen any other drawing challenges? Or any suggestions for things I should draw? I've still got quite a bit of space in my two Moleskines, so anything and everything is acceptable! Let me know in the comments (or by email, snail mail, in person, airplane writing, whatever) your suggestions!

Keep rooting for the Oklahoma State Cowboys in our Bedlam game tomorrow! Pep rally tonight if you're in the area :] Pistols Up!

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