Monday, February 27, 2012

Two new travel bags

For Valentine's Day, I very subtly gave my parents a link to what I really wanted-one of the totes from Dear Lillie

I love the tote and have used it for carting ballet slippers and more (thanks Mom and Dad!!)! :]
One thing that was a little disappointing in the bag was that it is just the one big pocket. It's a bigger tote than I was expecting and I have lots of little things that get lost even in my little purse, so I decided to make a clutch-type insert so that I could have dance clothes and my Kindle and such in my bag, but also be able to find my keys and my wallet when I needed to.

I used the remains of a dress (previously meant for this project), to make the first bag.

Here's the bag!
I didn't realize until I started loading these pictures that I did not take good enough to make a tutorial out of, really.
I cut out a rectangle of fabric that I knew was large enough for my biggest item then serged around all the edges. I just eyeballed where I wanted it to fold-over and sewed it up!

I picked a button and cut a hole big enough for it then somewhat secured it by stitching on the ends.

Beautimous. :]

I made this one last Tuesday and used it for my toiletries for a retreat I went on this weekend, but still needed it for my wallet and things, so I whipped up another one. I like the newer one better, but I never got to take pictures of it. Maybe later I'll get one up for ya!

What have you been crafting lately? Or has this nice weather pushed you out of the house and away from the sewing machine?


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  1. What an adorable little bag and so eco friendly ! Thank you for being a follower on my new blog I really appreciate it :) xxx