Monday, January 30, 2012

Cardigan. . .refashion?

It's not really a refashion because it's the same idea, and definitely still a cardigan, but I couldn't figure out what else to call it.

Anyway, I have this gray cardigan:

I bought it about a year-and-a-half ago when the grandpa/boyfriend sweater was popular. I thought I could handle how long it was, but I've worn it only a handful of times since my mom bought it for me.

Soooo big!

Makes me sad :[

But, I have this awesome brown cardigan from the Gap that I absolutely love!

It fits perfectly and is really soft. . .not wool. Whatever it's made of, it's really comfy :] So I used it to change the length of the gray one!

Here's a little tutorial for ya:

First I turned both cardis inside out and buttoned them. The gray one I did in that order, and it was difficult. The brown one I buttoned, then turned inside out. Much easier.

Then I laid the brown one on top of the gray one, with the buttons on the floor. The only thing I wanted to change was the length, so I didn't pay any attention to the sleeves or the difference in width towards the bottom.

It turned out that the length of the ribbing at the bottom of the gray was the reason it was so much longer, so I was able to just cut off the ribbing and reuse it as it was.

The gray sweater has pockets on it that just so happen to be right where I wanted to put the new seam. Boo. But I cut a seam allowance about 3/4 inch away from the bottom of the opening of the pocket.

Then I unbottoned the sweater and turned it right side out to lay flat. I unbottoned the ribbing section and laid it face down on the sweater lining up the seams (and making sure the buttons and buttonholes were on the right side), and pinned it.

See? The buttons are all together! :]

I also pinned the pockets up so that they wouldn't get caught up in the sewing and then not work as pockets anymore.

Then I sewed it up!

You can't see it really well in the picture, but when cutting off the ribbing, I cut halfway through a buttonhole, so I lined up the sewing machine so that the seam would be just above that point.

I tried it on and was happy except for a bulge right where the seam was

Also, I did make sure the buttons were on the right side, but I didn't give them equal spacing. . . Oh well.

So I moved on to. . .

My serger!! I haven't used it on a project since receiving it for my birthday from my parents! They wanted to get me something big since it was my 21st birthday :] At first, I was actually a little disappointed and thought I may not really ever use it, at least not while I'm in college. Now that I actually had a project to use it on, I'm so glad I didn't let myself tell my mom to take it back!

So happy to use my serger! :] Sorry for the whole immodest thing going on in this picture. I was wearing the camisole under the cardigans for pictures and since I was trying it back on every once in a while I didn't bother putting a t-shirt on and off in between.

I didn't take a picture of it, but I loved the little pile of cut off fabric the knife on the serger left behind. It looked like a little pillow or something. Haha.

After serging it, there was still a little bulkiness right where the closures were, so I trimmed off the serged part there at a diagonal to reduce future fraying. That helped a bit.

And here it is!

Much better :] I don't have an iron at school, so I haven't ironed the seam yet, which I know is a vital step to making your sewing projects look less homemade (thanks Dana!), but it'll do for now. You especially can't tell if I button up the cardigan, so maybe I'll just wear it like that until I go home in a week-and-a-half, I suppose.

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts! Today was my one month singleversary, so I've had other things to deal with. Today I was thinking about needing to post something, though, and just the thought of being able to post a tutorial made me so excited to find a project to do! I should feel obligated to post more often, then maybe I'd have lots of cool projects to show ;]

Since I've been gone, I had a comment on this post from someone who I don't know in real life! It was so exciting to have another reader that I posted about it on Facebook :]

How has the first month of the new year been for you? Have you been trying to live up the last 356 days of your life (now we're down to 326!)? 

My favorite troll about the world ending on December 21 of this year:

Whether we're nearing the end times or not, I hope your January has been wonderful! In two days, I'm going to take the lead of Bethany and go all out on Valentine's Day decorations and clothing! For some reason I am pumped up for the month of love, even without a boy to share it with :D

Have you put up any decorations? Are you one of those people who calls it Single's Awareness Day? More about what I've been doing while I was away from the blog next time!


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